By Taylor Bishop

Two weeks ago, myself and three other students from Arizona State University’s PRSSA Chapter attended the National Conference in Boston. There, we heard from industry professionals, networked with colleagues and explored the beautiful city.

I have been a member of ASU PRSSA for three years now and am now in my senior semester. This was my first time attending National Conference and I was excited to finally see what is was all about. Although we were attending the PRSSA Conference, we had the opportunity to attend the opening sessions of the PRSA Conference, which were where I learned the most.

The first keynote speaker of the PRSA Conference was Morgan Spurlock, who is most famous for his documentary Supersize Me.

My key takeaway from Spurlock was that you shouldn’t be afraid to do things that are different and maybe a little crazy.

He told us that, “You can’t plan for change, but you can plan for impact and how you can affect change.”

The next day, we heard from entrepreneur Bea Arthur who said that the secret to success is resilience. Arthur noted her tough experience on ABC’s Shark Tank and other business failures as lessons that lead her to her current success.

Jay Baer was the final speaker of the PRSA general session. Baer is the founder of Convince & Convert, which helps businesses gain and keep more customers through the intersection of technology, social media and customer service. The most eye-opening idea Baer presented was the importance of using talk triggers. He believes PR needs to be in the driver’s seat of the conversation, however, in order to be successful talk triggers need to be:

  • Remarkable
  • Repeatable
  • Realistic
  • Relevant

I will take the lessons learned from National Conference into my professional career and look forward to attending next year. We couldn’t have gone on this trip without the generosity of PRSA Phoenix and we are incredibly grateful to the Board of Directors for being our mentors and supporters throughout the trip and our pre-professional careers.

Taylor Bishop

Taylor Bishop is a senior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and is currently the Vice President of ASU PRSSA. Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she is a big fan of green chili, sunsets and exploring the outdoors. When not at school or her internship you can find her at music festivals or trying a new restaurant in the Valley.

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